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About Me


Other than my passion for photography, I'm quite a gardener, interior designer, and a builder - I guess? Working at a farm a few years back inspired me and my husband to have a garden of our own. So every spring you'll find us digging and getting our hands dirty on our backyard. We live in a tiny house which we will eventually turn into our dream home. Despite the size, I enjoy turning our tiny space into an instagram worthy home, especially my kids bedrooms ;) As for a builder, well me and my husband built my greenhouse style studio. We had no past experience in building anything nor he was a contractor but one thing we both are is that we are achievers and we make things happen! 

I also love to travel and see the world, who doesn't? I will drive an hour just to get bubble tea - I know, I am your typical Asian!

I love the outdoors whether that be the beach or the mountains. My heart sings for both. My family and I love to camp and hike! With all these things we love we made so many wonderful memories. Memories that I made sure were documented beautifully. 

As a mom of three young children, I cherish it all and I know one day all we will have are my photographs that I can pass on to them. Photographs that will tell their stories of our once young family.

I would love to do that for you. I would love to tell your story. 


Frances Black

Pasadena, Maryland

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